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There are uncountable ways to promote a person or business today.  We are uniquely qualified to exploit old and new media to your advantage.  We have three decades of highly successful experience, garnering numerous awards in advertising, web design, photography, news/feature writing, graphics and more.

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This video explains the importance of creating the right images to represent you or your product or service.


Examples of print media are newspapers and magazines that publish your publicity feature, brochures, flyers, posters, press kits, fact sheets, professional biographies, direct mail pieces, and even business cards.

An advantage of print media is their endurance. A prospective client can hang on to your promotional piece indefinitely and increase the odds you will get a beneficial contact. Also, mailing lists exist to target specific audiences. Specific publications can be used to reach people with interests that align with the product or service you are offering. The potential is unlimited.

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Examples of broadcast media are television and radio. The great benefit of a TV advertisement is that it has the potential to reach millions of people each time it is displayed with a low per-contact cost.

Since a large population is exposed, the total charged, however, usually is substantial, unless your endeavor is worthy of a public service announcement and free broadcasting. Radio can reach a large number of prospects, especially during rush-hour drive time, at a fraction of the cost of TV. Getting a good voice-over also can be relatively inexpensive, making radio a great advertising bargain.

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Examples of Internet media are web pages, videos, podcasts, PDFs, and more. Virtually anything that can be created for print and broadcast can be converted to a format for proper display on the World Wide Web.

The Internet can reach millions of people’s computers and phones. Thus, you could spread your sales pitch internationally for a cost of pennies. There are few if any places, however, where web surfers congregate. So, an audience must be built over time. Usually, it’s is best to harness traditional media to send potential clients to your website for more details and a harder sell.

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