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How to Enter

For hard-copy submissions sent through the U.S. Postal Service:

  • print the contest entry form (digital fill-in) or entry form (hard copy)
  • clearly write in the requested information
  • gather up to 20 printed color photos of your yard, including at least one overall “curb appeal” view (provide before and after shots, if possible)
  • Write your name and property address on the back of each photo (Pictures will not be returned)
  • Mail your completed entry package to the designated representative at your servicing water agency listed on the contact page.

For digital (email) submissions, the following specifications apply:
(Before preparing a digital submission, check our contact page to verify that your agency accepts entries via email.)

  • Fill in the entry form and save it on your computer with a file name that identifies you, such as: yourname.doc
  • Shoot, scan and/or convert to JPEG format up to 20 color photos of your yard, including at least one overall “curb appeal” view (Photo size is limited to seven [7] megabytes each)
  • Send your entry form and photos as attachments to an email to the address provided by your agency’s designated representative listed on the contact page. (If there is no email address listed, your agency does not accept digital submissions and you must mail printed copies of your entry form and photos)
  • Send a separate email with no attachments or call your agency rep asking for confirmation that your entry form and all photos were received.

See our Tips section to learn how to improve your chances of winning.