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Judges will consider the following when selecting a winning yard:

Overall attractiveness:
Curb appeal; pleasing color, form, texture, contour; plants are well maintained; weeds kept to a minimum

Appropriate plant selection:
Climate-appropriate plant palette; minimal or functional turf; functional landscape, meets needs of owners

Landscaping is able to thrive with less water, has adequate plant coverage, permeable soils, and takes advantage of site features like shade, micro-climates, or low-lying flood areas; landscaping also meets needs of owners

Appropriate maintenance:
Mulch; weeds kept to a minimum; plants neat, tidy and attractive

Efficient methods of irrigation:
Uses appropriate irrigation equipment for plant material, such as drip irrigation or efficient rotating spray nozzles; water consumption is appropriate to area; uses smart controllers or irrigation sensors; irrigation is supplemented with rainwater capture or other water

Overall water efficiency will be evaluated. The competition committee reserves the right to issue no award if the entries are deemed undeserving. Judges’ decisions are final.

See our Tips page to learn how to improve your chances of winning.